Thank you for investing in our high quality, long lasting 100% virgin human hair extensions. The Fine Hair Collection’s hair extensions can last for years if you treat them with proper products and hair care routine. If you want to have soft and manageable hair extensions, hair care is important.  Not taking care or maintaining your hair care routine may result in a shorter lifespan of your hair extensions.

The lifespan of your hair extensions is totally dependent on the haircare. If you take care of your hair it will last for years.

You can bleach or dye your extensions to obtain your desired style however; the use of those chemicals will will shorten the life of your hair extensions. Hair toners can also cause great damage to the hair cuticle which also lessens the lifespan of your hair extensions. Excessive washing and styling also lead to damage. We suggest you use aftercare products and only wash them only 2-3 times a week. You can use a hair mask to maintain the hair softness. We recommended our customers to use the hair extensions with caution especially while swimming.


You should use the proper hair care products in order to extend the life span of your extensions. Proper products will ensure your hair stays soft and manageable. If you do not use the proper hair care products and perform hair maintenance, it may result in the frizz, matting, and tangling of your hair and your extensions will become damaged. We recommend you to use the aftercare products that have the finest ingredients and are specifically formulated to give your hair an extra dose of nourishment and to keep them revitalized. Please use a satin/silk pillow or Satin/Silk bonnet while sleeping. All products which you’re using on your hair extensions must be sulfate and paraben free so they don’t result in any damage. A hair mask is important to use on a weekly basis to keep your hair hydrated



Heat: Using excess of heat for styling will result in the damage of your hair which ultimately leads to a shorter lifespan. Allow your hair to dry in the air instead of blow drying them again and again. Take care of your hair extensions just like you take care of your own hair because they do get damaged like your natural hair. Using a thermal therapy spray before styling can be beneficial. Do not let a hot curler or flat iron touch the weft of your extensions. This may damage weft and cause the hair to shed.

Brushing: The hair extensions are attached to your natural hair so pulling them can result in the loss of your natural hair. Whenever you have to brush the extensions, hold the top of your hair and then brush them. Using a hair extension brush is better instead of the ordinary brushes.

Sleeping: Never sleep with the wet hair extensions. Make sure that your extensions are completely dry before sleep in order to avoid tangling.


We recommend our customers to visit a professional hair extension specialist for the application of their hair extensions. Please be aware, there are many hairstylists that are not properly trained which may leads to improper extension application and cause damage to both your extension and natural hair.