The Best Ways to Treat Damaged Hair

The beautiful thing about wearing hair extensions is you can be expressive with your hair. You can make adorable French braids, put up your hair into a messy bun, or ask your hair stylist to make you blonde. One day, you straighten your hair. Another day you are dying it. Extensions installed improperly can mess with hair edges. Expressing yourself with fabulous looks is great but beware! Over-coloring, over-styling, over-heating, or simply just overdoing can cause great damage to your hair. They become dull, brittle and broken. To prevent your hair from damage, or to repair them if your hair’s already damaged, you need to follow the below-mentioned advice from the professionals.

Use the styling tools with lower temperature.

May your straightener, blow dryer, and curler is blessed, after all, they are doing wonders for you. They transform your simple, ordinary hair into silky straight sleeks, luscious waves and voluminous curls. But with all of this, there comes the heat damage— which results in hair flyaways, dryness, and brittleness.
One of the biggest mistakes which people do while styling their hair is setting the higher temperature of the styling tools. Don’t raise the temperature unless your hair is extra thick, healthy, or are coarser. You can get the styling done perfectly by setting the mid-range temperature on your tools. Skip heat styling your hair when possible. Roller setting your hair is a great way to keep heat off of our hair. . Whenever you use a heating tool, don’t forget to use a heat protection serum to protect your hair from damage caused by heat. Do not let curling or flat irons touch your extension wefts.

Take care of your wet hair.

The hair is more prone to damage when they are wet. The chances of damage even accelerate if you have curly or fragile wet hair. So handling your wet hair with care is important. Never ever comb your wet hair, unless you have a comb/brush that is specifically designed for wet hair.
Most professional hair stylists recommend using a wide-tooth comb for your hair. Whenever you take a shower, avoid rubbing your hair vigorously. Instead, use a fluffy towel to blot your hair gently. You can also use a soft T-Shirt or a microfiber cloth. This avoids friction that causes vulnerable hair to fall. Also, avoid putting elastic bands in your hair especially when they are wet — it will cause breakage.

Apply natural and healing hair masks.

Applying FHC Hair Mask is the best way to condition your hair. The hair mask has a high concentrations of hair restoration and moisturizing ingredients in them such as naturally sourced elements, vitamins, and oils which are very good for hair. It is also thicker and better than most regular conditioners. When you apply it to damp hair, they stay longer and penetrate deeper into your hair and scalp. This helps in repairing your damaged hair.
The professionals recommend using your hair treatment mask at least twice a week or more, but you need to be consistent. Don’t be in a hurry when you apply the mask—the longer you’ll leave it on the hair, more effective the results will be.

Washing and Conditioning

The FHC Shampoo containing the natural ingredients will help you in repairing your damaged hair. Always use lukewarm or cool water to wash your hair as it helps in treating the damaged hair by closing the hair cuticles, leaving them smooth, and shinier. The FHC Conditioner act as a bodyguards for your hair. For the best results after washing apply conditioner to damp hair, not soaking wet hair. Once you apply it all over your hair, comb through with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution.

Get the professional hair treatments

If you have extremely damaged hair, the simple DIY hair treatments won’t work for you. In this case, you need to get professional hair treatment. A in-salon, professional hair care treatments contain the highest concentration of active ingredients that fight against damaged hair and make them better. These treatments can be done for any type of hair damage— like hair fallout, unhealthy hair, to hair that needs a mega-infusion of moisture. The hair professional will typically treat damaged hair with a treatment with high concentrated ingredients. Because these professional formulas are very high concentrated, you’ll see and feel a transformation in your hair immediately!

Seal your hair bonds

One of the most common reasons behind the hair damage is unsealing of your hair bonds. Whenever your color/dye or lighten your hair – your hair goes through the process of chemical services. For hair dye or lighteners to be visible, the stylists loosen the structural bonds of your hair which lead to damage. Once the hair bonds become weak, your hair gets more prone to damage, breakage, and dryness.
By adding bond-preserving ingredients to your hair color and lightener can prevent the hair bonds from getting damaged. What else? These formulas also fight against future damage. People who get their hair dyed frequently call their professional bonders “game changers” in the realm of hair health.

Get your split ends trimmed.

Have you ever torn a piece of fine fabric just to see the tiny tearing gradually unravels a huge portion of the cloth? That’s what happens when you don’t treat your split ends. When the ends of your hair become split, they start unraveling from the bottom and leads to dull, damaged, broken, and frizzy hair mess.
To avoid split ends, keep your hair lithe with damage-free oils, shampoos, conditioners, and leave-ins. To keep your hair damaged free, visit your hairstylist for regular trimming. You don’t need to get a haircut, or lose your length at all—ask your stylist to simply “dust” the split ends to make your hair look strong, healthy, and un-frayed.

Swim and sun with care

Regular swimming is very good for your body but not so good for your hair. The pool water contains salts and other chemicals that can cause great hair damage and makes them weak, brittle, and fragile. If you’re a swimmer, don’t forget to cover your hair with a swimming cap in order to protect your hair from damage. If you’re sunbathing on the roof or heading to the beach, must protect your hair from excessive sun exposure as it will cause hair drying and fade your hair color. Wear a hat whenever you go to the beach! You can also do some extra struggle by applying a hair mask before heading out—it will protect your hair from sun damage. Do wash and condition your hair after swimming or sunning.

Don’t let your hair dry out

Just like your dry skin feels irritated, dull, and cracked, the dry hair feels the same too. Like you don’t miss to moisturize your skin, don’t forget to hydrate your hair too. Dry hair can lead to great damage and cause many hair problems like hair breakage because if your hair doesn’t have the right amount of moisture, they will become brittle and fragile, just like your skin. If your hair is prone to dryness, embrace a moisturizing regimen that contains a hydrating shampoo, a good hair conditioner, natural hair mask, and leave-ins. It is the best way to stop your hair from getting dry which ultimately leads to damage.

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